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The random findings & babblings of a twenty-something living in Philadelphia. I graduated college in 2009 and I'm still getting used to this thing we call the "real world."

My favorite things include Philadelphia (the city, the sports, the food), traveling, ice cream, giraffes, taking pictures, & finding recipes online that I'll probably never actually get around to making. It's an interesting mix, but so am I.

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saturday night the phillies officially became NL East Champs!

…for the 5th year in a row(!!).

the best part of the night was when they went back to the clubhouse to partake in champagne madness.

& when the champagne ran out? why, pouring bud light all of yourself is definitely the same thing.

hunter pence (pictured above in the middle) was the center of the celebration. take that, werth!

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    I went to the game Friday night and missed them clinching the division by ONE GAME. Ugh. BUT these pictures make up for...
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