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Restaurant Week: Zahav

[unfortunately i was unable to take photos because of the lighting, but here’s a review none the less!]

we were able to choose from their regular menu and were allowed 2 small dishes (mezze), 1 main course (al ha’esh) & a dessert. they also bring out hummus with house-baked laffa & salatim (a selection of small salads). restaurant week offers this selection for $35, but it’s actually offered all the time for $38.

for my mezze i ordered the fried cauliflower (labaneh with chive, dill, mint & garlic) and a soup with chicken. it must have been an addition to the menu because instead of the latke they had that. i must say, i was really looking forward to the latke. however, the soup & cauliflower did not disappoint. they were both very good.

for my main course i went with the hanger steak (with eggplant two ways, sesame & pine nuts). luckily it wasn’t that big of a portion because i was already extremely full! the steak was cooked perfectly to my liking and it was delicious!

next up was dessert. at this point i didn’t think i could eat anything more, but then the caramel semifreddo came out with dulce de leche & pistachio cookies. somehow i found room for them…

overall, the food was absolutely incredible. i’m a huge fan of trying new things, and zahav did not disappoint. it is on the expensive side, but everything is definitely shareable and it’s more than enough food. i would definitely suggest going if you haven’t been before!

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