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The random findings & babblings of a twenty-something living in Philadelphia. I graduated college in 2009 and I'm still getting used to this thing we call the "real world."

My favorite things include Philadelphia (the city, the sports, the food), traveling, ice cream, giraffes, taking pictures, & finding recipes online that I'll probably never actually get around to making. It's an interesting mix, but so am I.

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tuesday night for valentine’s day two of my friends and i decided to go out for dinner. who doesn’t love a nice dinner? even if we were surrounded by couples and flowers it was still a fun & relaxing time!

we made a reservation last month for, right below aka in rittenhouse square. we had been hearing good things about it for a while, and figured why not!

i started off with the beets & goat cheese w/ rye crumbs. the beets were insanely fresh and delicious. and, don’t even get me started with the goat cheese. it was all so amazing i could have eaten more.

we really wanted to try the scallop ravioli, so we decided to order a dish and split it. it was literally a scallop in the ravioli and it was amazing.

for my main dish i ordered the chili glazed swordfish with white beans & black olive puree. it had quite the kick to it, but i really enjoyed this dish. my other friends ordered the braised short rib & ricotta gnocchi gratin, and the sliced rare tuna on top of a baby arugula caesar salad. my friend said nothing but great things about the short rib, however, my other friend thought her tuna and salad dish was overly cheesey and rich. which is really disappointing because every other dish so far was nothing like that.

& lastly dessert! i ordered the banana ice cream & pound cake. it was delicious.

i would definitely go back to their menu changes almost weekly, so it would be fun to try something else.

has anyone been? what did you think?