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The random findings & babblings of a twenty-something living in Philadelphia. I graduated college in 2009 and I'm still getting used to this thing we call the "real world."

My favorite things include Philadelphia (the city, the sports, the food), traveling, ice cream, giraffes, taking pictures, & finding recipes online that I'll probably never actually get around to making. It's an interesting mix, but so am I.

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Tour de Brunch: FARMiCiA

Date: Sunday January 23, 2011

Location: 5 South 3rd Street (Old City, Philadelphia)


Sunday marked our 2nd Tour de Brunch of 2011. Off to a pretty good start I’d say!

Originally we wanted to eat at Honeys but the wait was a little too long for us. So, we headed over to Old City to finally try FARMiCiA.

We got a table right away - which was awesome - and ordered the Nova Salmon with toasted bagel chips, capered cream cheese, tomato & red onion. It was hard to eat on the bagel chips, but everything was really fresh and tasted delicious.

All of the ingredients are local & organic - sound like White Dog Cafe? (hint: same guy)

Everything came out fairly quickly, and they kept our coffee coming (huge plus in my book, especially on a sunday morning).

The ketchup & jam came out in a really unique way. I’m a sucker for fun/cute things like this.

The jam was strawberry, and was very good. It had chunks of fresh strawberries in it. Usually I’m not a fan of chunks of food in my jams (or water ice & jello for that matter), but it was just the right amount.

For our actual meal 2 of my friends got the egg white omelette with goat cheese & herbs with a side of fruit. I ordered the buttermilk pancakes with pure maple syrup.

I thought my pancakes were okay - I wouldn’t recommend them though. They were light & fluffy, but I wasn’t the biggest fan. My friends enjoyed their omelettes, but one of them thought her’s was a little too oily (maybe from the pan or the cheese).

Overall, it was good. I would definitely go back and try something different. Their salads sound really good, so I think my next trip would be for lunch or dinner.

Tour de Brunch

In 2009 a few of my friends and I decided to try new and fun places for brunch. We went to two new places.

In 2010 we slacked. Marjoly.

So, now it’s 2011. And, we’re going to try this again.

First up: White Dog Cafe in Wayne, PA / January 1, 2011

The name of the restaurant certainly fits the inside decor. There are pictures of dogs covering the walls, as well as dog statues placed through out the restaurant.

Each room is a little different, and it really makes for an interesting dining experience. We sat in the Library which overlooks Anthropolgie and Lancaster Ave. The drapes are dog patterned & above us are books suspended in the air (get it, library). Our table had candle sticks (unlit of course) placed on the corners and we sat in tall very antique looking chairs.

We started with the bread basket served with apple jelly. A very unique spread, but all very good.

For brunch I had the Kennett Square Omelet with organic eggs, mushrooms, caramelized onions & smoked cheddar. My friend had the Lancaster County Omelet with smoked bacon, goat cheese, spinach & oven dried tomatoes. And lastly, my other friend had the Loch Duart Smoked Salmon with dill cream cheese on an everything bagel with tomato & mezze argula. The omelets come with fingerling potato home fries that were out of this world.

We all walked away stuffed!

The majority of the ingredients used at White Dog are locally grown and in season.

We use only the finest organic ingredients from farms that pasture feed their animals, that treat their livestock humanely and that practice sustainable farming methods. All of our seafood comes from sustainable sources while our wine list includes quality varietals and blends from American vineyards. We buy only fair trade coffee, tea and chocolate and use only environmentally friendly cleaning products. [via]

I’m definitely willing to go back and try their lunch & dinner menus!

[They have another location in University City.]